The surprise giver

It was November of 2010. I was living in San Diego for over a year and things were starting to settle. My mom had just moved from Brazil to live with me and I was working 50+ hours a week for a hotel as a Front Office Manager. In my spare time (that wasn’t much) I was volunteering at church and working out (a must for me).

After my divorce, I lost my self esteem. I knew that my worth was in Christ as most of Christians do but in reality, its really hard to get your confidence back after a verbally abusive relationship. When we place our hopes and dreams in a person, we will most likely face a disappointment in life. As Jeremiah 17:5 says: “But blessed are those who trust in the LORD and have made the LORD their hope and confidence.” You can’t go wrong with that. I was just starting to experience that for myself.

A friend of mine invited me to go out on that Friday night. My mom had gone out with some of her friends so I said yes. We went to a little bar/restaurant in La Jolla and little did I know I would be getting married 4 months later!

I saw Marco walking around the bar and looking at me until he finally approached our table. I then found out he was also from Brazil. (1 week prior I said to my friends that I would never date a Brazilian guy haha). We talked a little bit and he left. This might sound a little crazy but he says that as he was leaving the bar, a little inner voice told him that he needed to come back because I was going to be his wife! Really?! Yes really! He then came back and asked me if I had a boyfriend. He got my number and we started dating after sometime.

I prayed EVERY SINGLE DAY for God to show both of us if we were meant to be for each other or not. I was so in love with Jesus that I didn’t care if he wanted to end the relationship or not. I didn’t care if he thought I was too freaky with my church thing and I pretty much left it all in God’s hands.

Before I met him I always wondered how in the world a non Christian guy would want to date me, a Jesus “freak” (as some of my friends call me) divorcee and get this, that wants to save herself for marriage. Haha in these days? Impossible right?! No, “Nothing is impossible with God” Luke 1:37.

Marco says he wanted what I had inside. He couldn’t understand how I could’ve gone through so many hardships and still have the smile and the joy that I had. I told him it was not me, but Jesus in me and invited him to come to church with me since he was going through a tough time with his company and financially things were far from good.

One thing I know for sure is that most people only look for God when they are hurt. By pain or by love (although the second option is quite rare). When your life is all good, you are financially stable, you have health, a family etc… you will hardly search for God. It’s when we are in pain, weary, tired, desperate that we realize that there must be something out there able to help us. Something bigger than our problems. Bigger than us. We were not designed to carry all the burdens of this life on our own. We need something bigger than ourselves to hold on to. God, knowing that we would have trouble in this life, sent us His only son for us. (see John 3:16). And Marco was at that point. He needed a change. He wanted to try it. He had nothing to loose.

It didn’t take long and he started to experience God’s power in his life and fall in love with Him. I then started to realize that God had sent him to me. Our “dating period” was really short. We just knew we were meant to be for each other. In January of 2011 the “save myself for marriage” subject had to come alive. I asked God to help me to bring out the subject to him since in our culture for some reason people seem to “not really care” about this Godly commandment. I boldly told him and his reaction couldn’t have been better. Shortly after we decided to get married.

We got married on a very small church, on a Sunday service surrounded by people that we barely knew. We had no money for a party or for a honeymoon. It was the most important day of my life. Some people waste so much time and money on the actual ceremony but don’t spend any time or effort in pleasing the One who can blessed and created the marriage to begin with!

If you have been reading by blog, you know that I lost my brother and father on the same day 6 years apart from each other (1996 and 2001). God loves to surprise us. Now guess what day I met my husband? Yes! November 13th! The same day I lost the 2 most important man of my life, God gave me the men that would be my forever partner. The love of my life. How great is that?

Luke 11:28 says “Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and obey it.”. Do you want to be blessed by God? Do you want a change in your life in any area? if so, start reading your Bible and get to know the One that can do miracles in your life like he did in mine! How will you obey someone that you don`t know? OBEDIENCE is the key for His blessings. It takes courage and faith to obey and I pray that whoever is reading this right now and needs a miracle or a change will get encouraged to start this journey today. Get yourself a Bible and get to know your Creator. He has great things in store for you. He said it, not me 🙂

To His Glory,




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