Making the most out of a season.

No matter what season of your life you are in, you will never be complete unless you are making the most out of every season God places you in. What I mean by that is, if God placed you at home with your kids, at work with your co-workers, at school studying for something, as a teacher with little kids or whatever season you are in right now try to be fruitful.

Its easy for us to place our requests upon Him. Its actually quite normal. We are very used to pray for what we want (Jesus taught us to do that) and that is completely fine. God loves us and if it is according to His plans, he will sooner or later, grant us what we are wishing for. But how about Him? As our father, which child doesn’t like to please your dad? And what dad doesn’t reward his children when they please him? God is pleased when we represent Him on this earth. Whatever position He placed you right now, try to do and be then best you can. Be fruitful. Its easy for me as a mom to pray and take great care of my family and the ones I love. But how about my neighbors? If Im a child of God, the people that He places around my life are all my brothers and sisters so why shouldn’t I love and pray for them as well? God loves them and they are all precious souls to Him so be hospitable and loving toward your friends, your neighbors, your co-workers, anyone that He places around yourself. Invite them for a coffee, ask them how they are doing. Social media is a great tool but at the same time we get so caught up with it that we end up talking to everybody but not talking to anybody actually if you know what I mean.

We need less “likes” and more love, less “views” and more interaction. The world is becoming too automated and we are not robots. we were created by a relational God and we need to physically relate with each other. The generations below us need more than never people that can teach them how to do that. Have a positive influence around. Be loving. Make an impact.

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